Planning, Researching and Managing Fee

This includes planning/booking the following:
• A proposal designed for your preferences with advice about best times and dates to travel.
• Accommodations that suit your style.
• Pre-arranged Transportation – airport transfers, trains, car, chauffeur services, ferry, etc.
• Activities – We help reserve activities and arrange for local guides and skip-the-line tickets where applicable.
• Know before you go travel tips specific to your destination
• Mobile Itinerary app – You will have access to your custom & detailed day-by-day itinerary on your mobile device
• Ongoing communication with RLTA & our travel partners to ensure seamless service with 24/7 support.
• Travel insurance(Options available) – assistance in choosing the correct policy for your trip.

The final touches – we’ll help with everything from packing advice to the local weather forecast.

Package Bundle: This fee goes toward research for your trip and a consult with an expert travel advisor. (non-refundable)

  • 3-5 Day Custom Itinerary: $149
    After consult with one of our expert travel advisors, we will create a personalized itinerary featuring 3 to 5 days of activities!
  • 6-10 Day Custom Itinerary $249
  • 11+ Customer Itinerary $349

Group Planning Fee: $500 for bookings with 5 rooms or more

Ala-carte Pricing:

  • Flight Only Ticketing Fee: $50 and applies to air only reservations.
  • Cruise Only Ticketing Fee: $50 and applies to cruise only reservations.
  • Rail Only Ticketing Fee: $50 and applies to Rail only reservations.
  • Hotel Only Ticketing Fee: $25 applies to hotel only reservations.
  • Theme Park Only Ticketing Fee: $25 applies to theme park only reservations.

Cancellations Fee: a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the total trip cost will apply to any trip booked with R&L Travel Advisors LLC.

Why we charge a Fee?

With any professional service, one should expect to pay a charge in order to benefit from the added value that comes from the professional advisor’s years of training and experience. The greatest travel consultants will always charge a professional price in recognition of the care and attention they devote to each and every trip. We are a network of independent business owners, and as such, our distinct pricing schedules are determined by our specialties and the caliber of the services we offer. The cost will also change depending on the intricacy, duration, number of travelers, and other elements.

Trip Design Philosophy

We are well aware of the importance of a wonderful adventure and strive to make each trip you arranged with us worthwhile. We understand that every person has a travel budget that they may adhere to, and that many times, people are just unaware of the actual costs associated with travel. Instead of focusing on PRICE when planning your vacation, we place a greater emphasis on VALUE. Of course, we respect your financial constraints, however if we believe that spending a little more money will allow you to enjoy a significantly better experience, we’ll suggest it.