A good first step is to work with an ASTA member. The ASTA logo is recognized around the world as a symbol of professionalism and integrity and members must adhere to a code of ethics, which ASTA enforces. RLTA is a member of several accreditation agencies such as, ASTA, Signature Travel Network, CLIA, IATA. We are also Travel Agent certified and hold a cruise specialist certification through TravelAgent Campus.

A travel agent takes all of the headache out of planning a trip and handles virtually all aspects of your travel, at absolutely no cost to you. The combined experience of the team and the feedback from our thousands of travelers provides an invaluable resource to the traveler planning an important trip.

Most do, especially if they are arranging a very elaborate itinerary. Fees vary greatly, from negligible to $100 and up, depending on the complexity of the trip. At the very top end, one travel agency charges a $100,000 membership fee just to be a client—but that is very unusual. Most offer a free consultation and will advise you then of their fee structure.

The term “travel agent” dates back to a simpler era when the agent’s job was to book steamship, airline and train tickets. As travel became more complex, their work evolved from booking agents for suppliers to trusted advisors to consumers — akin to financial agents and CPAs — who make the overall travel experience better and provide leisure and business travelers maximum value for their travel dollar.

Yes, we work within any and all realistic budgets, and an honest sharing of ideas and goals helps us immensely when making recommendations and suggested edits to travel plans.

Travel insurance is available and recommended to protect your travel investment. Many trips, such as tours and cruises, involve non-refundable funds paid months in advance. Travel insurance protects you from losing this investment. Perhaps even more important is the ‘during travel’ coverage and assistance that comes with the top-flight insurance companies we carry.

Trip interruption due to illness or unforeseen circumstances can be very expensive, and medical care abroad is often not covered by domestic insurance plans. Also, an increasing number of countries require proof of medical insurance for travelers entering their country.

We strongly advice booking as far in advance as you are comfortable with. In order to secure the best availability and most options, we encourage booking (on average) at least 6 to 8 months in advance.

We accept check, cash and these credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.(Payment plans available through Uplift. Call us to arrange a payment plan).